If you have full respect for the law, or you want your country a safer place for the living, a position in law enforcement might be the right career for you. Peacemakers like police officers are very important to our society, they are the ones who respond to any emergency situations, protect citizens from all crime, and maintain peace in the society. Since the population of the nation continues to grow, the need for skilled and well trained police officers grows too.

Police tasks can be very dangerous and acquiring a position usually takes great dedication and training. However, having a position as a police officer can give you a very rewarding career that allows you to make a good change in your community as a whole.

Overview of Requirements to Becoming a Police Officer

Individuals who are interested to have a position in the police force must enjoy working with different people and engaging to any activities involved in the community. Police officers must have sound and fair judgement, integrity, honesty, as well as strong sense of responsibility in order to serve their fellowmen very well. Listed below are the general requirements needed when becoming a police officer according to civil service regulations.

  • Candidate must be a citizen of the country he wants to serve as a police officer
  • Candidate must be 20 years old and above
  • Candidate must be able to pass physical fitness examination
  • Candidate must be able to pass written examination
  • Candidate must be able to present a high school diploma

All of these qualifications are the common minimum requirements in different countries. Some agencies also require college coursework. The process of hiring usually includes written and physical exam, background check, drug test, interview, and credit check. Some agencies may want to have their candidates take a personality test, lie detector test, and/or an interview with a psychologist. After the hiring process, lucky ones will be hired and then a new recruit should also pass a police training academy as well as demonstrate their skills on the time of probationary period. You should always remember that detective and police work can be very stressful and dangerous. Almost all officers have been able to witness suffering and death resulting from criminal behavior or accidents. If you aren’t comfortable to put yourself at risk, then a career in police force or law enforcement won’t be the right one for you.

Educational attainment required to every aspiring police officer usually varies from different agencies. Just be sure to study about the jurisdiction or law you that you want to work in. You should also develop a clear and better understanding of the requirements that the agency is requesting before deciding which educational institution to pursue. Some agencies also limit their hiring to applicants who were able to attend regional accredited colleges. Therefore, it is very essential to match your educational attainment with the requirements of your jurisdiction. Almost all agencies also require some kind of training to add up to their high school diploma.